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Sep. 28th, 2037 11:03 am
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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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[A commercial has been playing lately on T.V and even before some movies in the theaters

It opens with a pictures of Tetha , newspaper headlines of crime, violence, the sound of gunfire, screaming, baby Digimon crying, scenes of Tamers running from shadowy figures (One of which looks alot like Ravemon) as they carry the Digitama of what was once no doubt their poor Digimon, a heavy voice asks, "Do you really want to live in such dangerous times? In such a dangerous city?" (Suddenly the picture shifts to beautiful Axoryi, the sun setting, beautiful ocean, completely peaceful. "Axoryi, a fresh start by the shore. Paid for by the truth in advertising council."

As if the commercials weren't enough Pamphlets that have been sent home from all the schools college to preschool talking about how to prepare for and protect your family if war were to suddenly happen, Also paid for by the truth in advertising concil

Some bill boards have sprang up with pictures of Ravemon asking "What is his not telling us?"

And finally the piece-de-resistance,  the same private funding group has paid a sky writer to write over Tetha "Are you just gonna sit back and let this happen?" As to what the "This" Is could be up to interpretation but it seems to be directly pointed at the residents of Tetha.

Any attempts to follow the money back to the Council will end in dead ends and a disconnected number.]
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[Neemon Papermon isn't one to be outdone by the other Inns no sir. Instead he's gone the traditional Gender bending route with his swimming pools and hot tubs, but he's also supplied Ponyo with a secret weapon which you'll see in a later post.]

Special early summer sale on swimsuits. All mens and womens swimsuits heavily discounted, we aren't foolin'. Perfect for if you suddenly find your gender swapped On sale now at the Gull Reef Club Surf Shop.
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[The sounds of a party going on in the backround]

The gull reef club's not too ship shape
Time for a party time for a break
Tonight all our troubles will soon disappear
Cause champagne is cheaper than water down here

Champagne si', agua no
Champagne si', agua no

A toast to the french who gave us these bubbles
A toast to your host who stands in this rubble
Running this hotel is no piece of cake
So cut me some slack people give me a break

Champagne si', agua no
Champagne si',agua no



Dec. 28th, 2009 02:38 pm
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Looking for an escape from the chill and cold of the winter season?

She the snow is pretty for Christmas but what's left to do with it after then? No offense to our friends up north but I prefer a more tropical climate.

I'd like to announce the grand Re-opening of the Gull Reef Club and Hotel in beautiful Axoryi!

We are a full service resort style Hotel and club open to both visitors and residents and as of this week we're opening our doors to Tamers and Digimon who are in need of homes provided they can either meet monthly rent fees or are willing to work in our lovely establishment.

To that point we are now hiring for all positions, in need of maintenance, cleaning staff, security, kitchen staff and more. Life guards, groundskeepers, odds are if you have a skill we have a use for you.

We'll be hosting a little New Years shindig counting down the seconds to the new year with champagne,  Wine and your slightly more down to earth drinks, food and music for just a small cover fee at the door.

We look forward to serving our community as so many other businesses have and more importantly look forward to encouraging fun and relaxation in such times of stress and strife in the Digital World.



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